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Holistic Veterinary Services

Dr. Scheurich is committed to improving the lives of his patients and empowering their human counterparts to have an active role in their treatment and prevention of illness. Sustainability is always at the forethought, and education of clients and the community is a continual commitment.

Animal Acupuncture

Acupuncture is the 2,300 year old Traditional Chinese Medical art and science of using small needles inserted into specific body points to effect healing changes. Acupuncture is known through research in modern times to positively influence immune system function, gastrointestinal function, and internal organ function and give pain relief.

Herbal Medicine

There is no coincidence that we find healing power in plants. Whether it's nutritionally, medically, or energetically, people and animals evolved to use the plants and the chemicals/nutrients they contain. They were here first, we came into existence around them. It is natural that our bodies would utilize what they have to offer. I like to use a combination of what I have learned through formal human and animal herbal medicine texts and teachings, and practical knowledge of what animals may or will do in the wild to heal themselves. There are well documented examples of this all over the animal kingdom. 


Herbal medicines come in all states and sizes. They can be given to animals as tinctures, capsules, salves, or added to foods as powders or teas. They can be as simple as a nutritious supplement or powerful enough to induce a profound effect. 


House/Farm Calls

​Many pets that require treatment are older, debilitated animals. It can be difficult and stressful to get them into the car or bring them into a clinic. When possible, treating these animals at home can greatly improve their time with us and the stress on their people.

Many things can be done in the home, including examinations, acupuncture, food consultations, and if necessary, minor diagnostic procedures.


Dr. Scheurich has a strong interest in both improving the lives of food animals and improving the quality and sustainability of our food systems. To make consultations more accessible to small farmers and for opportunities to expand experience with farm animal species, farm consultations are being done on a cooperative basis where Dr. Z believes he and the farmer have something to offer each other and the community. Certain treatments will be done on a sliding scale as appropriate.

Home-Cooking Consultations

Whole food nutrition is seen as a necessity to holistic health. Many conditions cannot be completely remedied without removing processed foods. Others may only require partial whole food supplementation to achieve balance within the animal. As our pets get older and their digestion weakens, their ability to absorb nutrients from foods packaged in an unnatrual way fails. Additionally, Traditional Chinese Medicine has done an amazing job to learn what foods are good for certain imbalances. Tweaking a diet specifically for the individual patient can sometimes make the difference to get them through their current state of imbalance.​

Herb Walks

Dr. Zack feels that it is important to know the plants we are using, and when possible use sustainably harvested local wild plants for medicine and in cooking. Seasonal herb walks are scheduled to teach local and useful plants and certain fungi. Contact Dr. Zack with a request to be put on the mailing list for updates of upcoming events.


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